spotters - Salon-DE-Provence AIRSHOW 2023

Originally, during the Battle of Britain of World War 2, “spotters” were the soldiers in charge of airspace surveillance. They were alerting upon the approach of German bombers.

To-day, they are still scanning the sky in search for THE exceptional aeronautical image…

For many years, the “Fondation des Oeuvres Sociales de l’Air- FOSA- “(Foundation for Airforce Community Services) has opted to promote the presence of spotters at the bases where the air meetings take place. Since 2016, the possibility to opt for four-day participations has been offered as well as proposals to “cover the departures”. Monday and Friday are specific days in that regulations and an appropriate framework allow you to occupy places as close as possible to the runway and therefore flight demonstrations, as well as planes that are on the ground in the car parks. Exceptionally this year, the public holiday of Thursday 18th will be dedicated to arrivals.

Past participants have thus been able to produce exceptional images and did not hesitate to thank FOSA and management personnel for this new organization; this has been acknowledged by social networks: 60% of spotters responded to a feedback questionnaire, which will allow FOSA to continue to improve the organization.

At Salon de Provence 2023 (May 18th to 22nd), there will be about 300 photographers allowed per day during the two meeting days. During the other days, no limitations are envisaged. Tariffs have slightly changed this year due to additional constraints.

The sanitary measures in force at this time will be strictly enforced. Please provide at least masks for public transportation !

Reservations for the Spotters days of the Meeting de l'Air de Salon-de-Provence 2023 are are closed !

For spotters, FOSA continues its partnership with several brands (Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Sony are expected) who, during their presence at the meetings, will be able to lend their latest equipment.

In addition, a photo contest, with great prizes offered by these partners, is organized for spotters. It will include one theme per partner brand and will concern the air meeting, but also some civil meetings partners of FOSA. After a first pre-selection on social networks, a jury will meet in November to designate the winners.

You will find the results of past competitions in the menu at the top fo the page.

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