The spotter days organisation - Cognac airshow 2022

As in 2019, and after many positive remarks, we will maintain a similar organization for the “spotter’s day” with some expected changes.
The cost of spotter days is slightly increased, with the possibility to select the days of presence.

Here is the typical organization of the spotter‘s weekend :

Friday: rehearsals day

7 am : arrival of the selected spotters.

Specific parking.

Security measures, processing delivery of badges.

8:30 am : coffee and welcome by the base commander and the FOSA meeting director.

Security briefing.

9 am :   Move by bus to the shooting areas.

12 am : Depending on the flights schedule , it’s meal time : snack “meal bag” type or chip shop, a “foodtruck” will be in place in the vicinity of the the shooting zones.

1 pm : possible change of shooting zone .

6 pm or end of the flights ( to 9 pm max): Exit from the air base.

Saturday and Sunday :

7 am: Arrival on site, security processing and move to a specific parking.

8 am: Flight line access before the arrival of the public.

10 am to 6 pm : airshow with reserved area.

Presence of Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Sony brands for equipment loan.


8 am : Arrival on site (reserved parking).

8h30 am: Set up in the zone prepared for the departures

13h00: Depending upon the departures schedule, lunch in the mess.

2 pm: at the latest departure from the air base.


  • Friday : € 60, including entrance, parking, 2 meals, transportation and supervision, and the welcome pack with program and goodies.
  • Public days (Saturday and Sunday) : 30 € / per day
  • Monday : 30 € with lunch included.
  • 4 days package : 130 €.